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A Brief Look at White Oak Tea

White oak tea is an herbal concoction that has been in use for many centuries. Native Americans in North America have been using the bark from this tree for its many healing properties since before the Europeans came over on their expansion conquests. Of the many healing properties that this tea helps to promote, one of the most important one is that it helps with inflammation – both internally and externally. This herbal drink can also help with digestion problems like diarrhea, as well as help relieve gout.

As I mentioned, the most important thing that white oak tea does is help fight inflammation. It does not matter if the inflammation is on your joints due to arthritis or if it is an inflamed internal organ – drinking this herbal product can help fight it. Of course, you will need to see your doctor before using this herbal drink for this purpose so that they can rule out something really serious that needs urgent medical attention. However, if you have already seen your doctor and you just need help with the pain, then you can utilize this herbal remedy.

White oak tea has also been known to help with digestion issues like diarrhea. Since it is water-based, you can help replenish your bodily fluids when you have diarrhea so that you prevent dehydration. It is not quite known how this herbal drink helps with diarrhea, but there have been reported cases where drinking it did help relieve those symptoms. It is important that if the diarrhea persists that you see a medical professional to rule out serious illnesses like dysentery, colitis, or c. difficile. Only after being evaluated by a medical professional should you continue to use this herbal drink for more than a day for your problems with diarrhea.

Finally, white oak tea can also help with problems like gout. Of course, since this herbal drink has such amazing anti-inflammatory properties, it is only natural that it would help relieve your gout symptoms. Gout is a very painful disorder and many times taking medications does not work. So, the key is prevention. However, those who have drunk this herbal drink have stated that it helped reduce the amount of inflammation at the site of their gout. If your gout gets too bad, you may need to go to the doctor though so keep that in mind if the symptoms do not abate in a couple of days.

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